Developed as a joint project of Demirören News Agency (DHA) and Azerbaijan-based Trend International News Agency, '' was introduced in Istanbul this time after Shusha.

Narmina Mustafayeva, Consul General of Azerbaijan in Istanbul, Ahmet Ismayilov, President of Azerbaijan Media Development Agency, Ismet Sattarov, President of the Audiovisual Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Alexandru Giboi, Secretary General of the European Alliance of News Agencies, Reşad Mecid, President of the Azerbaijan Press Council, Sevil Mikayilova, MP of Azerbaijan and the accompanying delegation came to Demirören Media Centre.  The delegation was accompanied by Demirören TV Group President Murat Yancı, Demirören News Agency General Manager Celal Korkut, Demirören Media HR Group President Elif Karacaoğlu, Demirören News Agency Editorial Director Bülent Ovacık, Kanal D News Coordinator Onur Tan, CNN Türk News Director İdris Arıkan, Demirören Media Education Projects Group Director Nuran Çakmakçı, Demirören Digital Group Editor-in-Chief Gülgün Bostancı Yavuz, Demirören News Agency Corporate Communications and International Operations Director Doğukan Ünal and many other officials. The delegation visited Demirören Media Centre, where they also toured the campus, studios and Demirören Media and Technology Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School.  

MUSTAFAYEVA: WE CAN REACH VICTORY IF WE FIGHT LIES TOGETHER Narmina Mustafayeva, Consul General of Azerbaijan in Istanbul, who attended the presentation, said that she was aware of the difficulties faced by journalists and said: "I am very proud because Azerbaijani media has reached such a point in recent years that both Turkey, which has such a great experience behind it. It has reached such a good level that it can be compared with the media of the West. This is very happy and pleasing. We also know that there is a great labour behind it. The Azerbaijani media has not always been like this, it had to deal with a war many years ago and 30 years ago, when it had just gained its independence, it had many difficulties. One of them was the weakness of the media in the field of journalism. That is why, perhaps, at that time we could not raise our voices so loudly, we could not shout out those painful days. Just as Turkey helped us then, now the joint cooperation of the Azerbaijani and Turkish media in the Second Karabakh War is at a completely different level. It is at a very high level. The Turkish media followed those days, the 44-day war that Azerbaijan fought day by day, moment by moment. Even though we were here, thanks to you, it was as if we shared the happiness and pain in Azerbaijan with our citizens. Thanks to all Turkish media, thank you very much for your support. There are great achievements in every field of cooperation between Azerbaijan and Turkey, but as our two Presidents said, 'horizons are always open for new cooperation'. This is one of them. In our modern life, in an era when the internet and social media have blossomed, it has become very difficult to work in this field. It has become difficult for us to fight against the propaganda we call lies and fake news. If we fight these lies together, we can achieve victory. We have achieved this, but even though that war is over, this war never ends. We know this very clearly from what the West has written recently. I know that by doing our job properly against them, by working, all together in a good co-operation, we will rise to the top and achieve success."  


Celal Korkut, General Manager of Demirören News Agency, said: "We are very happy to be here together. DHAPress, which emerged as a necessity of multilingual broadcasting in the globalising world and as a requirement of digitalisation, is also the first step of Azerbaijan-Turkey friendship in the media field. As DHA, we are trying to do our best to carry this step much further. We are developing joint projects with Trend News Agency. Especially during the Second Karabakh War, we have seen how important this is in terms of informing the public with accurate and objective reporting. As DHAPress, we are ready to announce the media and communication cooperation of Turkey and Azerbaijan, which always and under all circumstances stand by each other, to the whole world in a stronger way. We are taking the first step for this. We will develop it further from now on," he said.  Ahmet Ismayilov, President of Azerbaijan Media Development Agency, said: "Today our joy is at the highest level, because this project of ours has been realised and we are presenting such a website to our community. In fact, the realisation of such works makes us very happy".